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What You Get After Purchasing

1 To 1 Onboarding

We will help you find the right strategy to meet your goals, and get you set up with using our Indicators and Tools.

Automated Trade Signals

The Profit Sniper Indicator and other Indiactors from our library tells when it is a potential Long or Short it also comes with alert conditions so it is easy and simple to automate.

Automtic Settings Finder

We have a tool that is Compatible With our Indicator Profit Sniper 3.This tool can be used to automatically find you the Best settings and you can use them by a click of a button.

Discord Trading Group

When you Purchase Profit Sniper you get all this as well as a very active trading Group. With anytime Support to help you if you struggle finding your way around or using the indicators.

Profit Sniper :Rapid Fire

Coming Soon!
A Trading Tool to help you get in and out of the market effortlessly by a push of a button. or can be used to Automate your trading for you.

Profit Sniper S&R

Profit Sniper S&R Is perfect to help you spot a Support or Resistance levels. It is also full of Customizable options that you can change as well as it has Inputs that can be toggled and will change the Flags to when it tells you to Enter or to Exit.

Profit Sniper X

Profit Sniper X has a Built in Take Profit & Stop Loss in. In the Above example It is on default 1% for Both SL and TP. It can be customized and the Settings can be changed to what works for you and your trading strategy.

Profit Sniper V3

Profit Sniper V3 is an Original Indicator and Is known for its ability to be Automated (This feature will work with Profit Sniper : Rapid Fire)It is very easy to use Since it has a Backtester That helps you to find the Best and Most Profitable Settings & to make it even Better it has its own Tool that can be used to automatically find those settings for you By a click of a few buttons and you can Pick which settings suits you best. 

These are just a few examples of what Indicators you get after Purchasing Profit Sniper

Profit Sniper Fibonacci

This Indicator Plots The Fibonacci Levels Automatically. 

Profit Sniper Legacy

Profit Sniper Legacy Plots Entries Base on a trend sop it helps to filter Chop Movement and also helps to catch bigger moves .It is perfect for Swing Trading.

Profit Sniper Companions

You also get Companions that can be used as an add on or an overlay on Indicator that can be used as Confirmation. Above is an example of Bollinger Bands and it is customizable.

Profit Sniper P&D

Known As  Pump & Dump this indicator can be used to spot Price movement on different time frames to help you spot big moves and potential reversals

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